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Q: What do the terms AO, AZ, SC, and Ceramic represent and what do they mean?

A; Abbreviation for abrasive grain types. AO=Aluminum Oxide, AZ=Aluminum Ziconia, SC=Silicon Carbide, Ceramic=Ceramic Alumina. They are all man-made, with different grinding and fracturing characteristics, generally designed to sand/grind a particular material.

Q: Which abrasives grain do I need?

A: Depends on what you’re sanding. A/O- general purpose, metal and wood primarily. AZ- primarily metal, mostly ferrous and a little with non-ferrous (casting work). SC- glass, composites, metal, fine lacquer/top coat sanding. Ceramic- hard ferrous metal.

Q: I’m grinding metal, but AO,AZ, SC and ceramic can all work on metal. Which do I use.

A: Again, it depends on what type of metal you’re grinding/sanding, and how aggressive you want your grind to be. A big variable in the aggressiveness of the grain is its hardness. From least hard to hardest, you have SC, AO, AZ, and Ceramic. SC, AZ, and Ceramic. They are similar in the way the grain breaks down when used. It cracks, like glass, and stays sharp to provide a sharper scratch pattern than AO.

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