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Welcome To Especially Abrasives

You’re looking for that right combination of sanding belts to give you the best grind for your developing knife making style. Maybe there’s a need for a wide variety of quality sanding belts to keep in the shop for your weekend knife making hobby or other metal working needs. We understand that the same sanding belts don’t work the same for everyone. Grit preference is dictated by grinding style, equipment used, raw material, and other variables. Here at EA, we offer an excellent line of sanding belt packs in a wide variety of grit and grain combinations to meet your every need.

All of the sanding belts we sell are guaranteed high quality. We stand behind all of our products 100% and quality assurance is guaranteed. We don’t sell Chinese junk abrasives, so you won’t get potentially toxic products being sold in America by the Communist.

If for some reason you can’t find the right sanding belts you need, let us know and we will put together custom variety packs for your specific needs. If you can’t decide what would really work best for you application, call us and we will help make your decision easy. EA sanding belts will give you the best grind for your buck. Thank you for visiting and giving us the chance to show you why we should be your go-to sanding belt source.

Thank you,

The EA Team

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We Know Coated Abrasives – About Us

We guarantee that everything we sell is top quality and you won’t have to question if you’re getting good value for your money. We have extensive experience with coated abrasives, from the larger industrial account to the one-person knifemaking operation, and everything in between. We know the quality demands from sanding belt users and we provide only top of the line, quality tested sanding belts to our customers.

Since we are sanding belt users as well, we want the best value for our money and so do you. Other than the 3M surface conditioning material we stock, we don’t carry products of the “biggest names in the business”, 3M and Norton. And yes, it’s on purpose. While many buyers get sucked into the hype and marketing gimmicks executed by these big companies, more and more sanding belt users are finding better value elsewhere. Granted, 3M and Norton have unique products that are hard to match up to competitor products, but most of their products can be replaced by lower priced competitive products.

Lastly, a few things you won’t find at Sanding Belt Kits or our other affiliated companies.

  • Old stock – We don’t inventory old stock. All sanding belts and coated abrasive stock is made especially for us and we don’t hold inventory long.
  • Not backing up our products. Quality assurance with everything we sell is guaranteed. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy.
  • Low-balling prices and jacking up shipping. Less reputable sellers promise cheap prices, until you see the freight charge.
  • Cheap Chinese Junk. There’s a bunch of it out there and it’s trash. Besides that, China is not exactly known for product safety and who knows what’s in it.
  • Perfection. While we do our best to avoid all mistakes, they happen.
  • Bait and switch. We sell you what we tell you we are selling, at the advertised price. If substitutes are ever required, we contact you. In those rare cases, we will include higher quality belts at no additional charge.

We know how to help you with coated abrasives issues and to make you feel confident that when you leave our store, you are getting the kind of value we expect as buyers. Have a question, call us. However, you’ll never have to question our intentions. We are here to serve you and make buying sanding belts & other abrasives easy.

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Q: What do the terms AO, AZ, SC, and Ceramic represent and what do they mean?

A; Abbreviation for abrasive grain types. AO=Aluminum Oxide, AZ=Aluminum Ziconia, SC=Silicon Carbide, Ceramic=Ceramic Alumina. They are all man-made, with different grinding and fracturing characteristics, generally designed to sand/grind a particular material.

Q: Which abrasives grain do I need?

A: Depends on what you’re sanding. A/O- general purpose, metal and wood primarily. AZ- primarily metal, mostly ferrous and a little with non-ferrous (casting work). SC- glass, composites, metal, fine lacquer/top coat sanding. Ceramic- hard ferrous metal.

Q: I’m grinding metal, but AO,AZ, SC and ceramic can all work on metal. Which do I use.

A: Again, it depends on what type of metal you’re grinding/sanding, and how aggressive you want your grind to be. A big variable in the aggressiveness of the grain is its hardness. From least hard to hardest, you have SC, AO, AZ, and Ceramic. SC, AZ, and Ceramic. They are similar in the way the grain breaks down when used. It cracks, like glass, and stays sharp to provide a sharper scratch pattern than AO.

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Privacy Policy – No Spam, No Selling Customer Info

The owners of this site are strong supporters of your right to privacy. We do not appreciate it when on-line vendors sell our name, contact information, and purchasing histories. To that end, we respect your privacy and will never sell customer information.

Only if a customer chooses to opt-in to our notifications, will we send emails that include special deals, promotions, new products and product/price changes, as well as significant industry product news we think our customers will find useful. We may also contact you directly to follow-up on your order, confirm satisfaction with your purchase and answer any abrasives-related questions you have.

When you shop with EA, you can rest assured that all of your information is protected and will always remain private.

Thank you!