Look At These Terrible Sanding Belts Production Abrasives Inc (PAI) Sold Us

Earlier this year, we purchased 4,000, 1″, Deerfos SA331 sanding belts from a Pennsylvania abrasives converter named Production Abrasives, Inc (PAI). We have purchased these belts for several years from several abrasive converters and we are accustomed to having 2 or 3 belts per 100 having a construction problem, and that is acceptable. However, this aforementioned purchase, resulted in a very high percentage of the belts as having multiple issues, including uneven cuts (causing wobbly belts), jagged edges, undersized and oversized belts, and melted belts (from trying to even the edges). We sell these belts in packages of 10, 20, and 30 belts per pack. It was brought to my attention that these belts were unlike the large majority of these belts we normally receive. Upon inspection, it became obvious that major malfunction occurred during the manufacturing of these belts, we started going through all of the belts and realized it would be an overwhelming task to cull the good belts from all of the unusable belts. I contacted the President of PAI, and notified him of the issue and requested that the belts, or at least the bad belts, be replace with usable ones.

The entire order of 4,000 belts were returned to PAI, and some time later our replacement belts arrived, so I thought. They sent back the same defective belts. I contacted the president of PAI, and was informed that those belts were fine and they tried to clean up the edges as much as they could, and that was all he could do.

I then contacted the owner, former president of PAI, and explained what had transpired and explained a large portion of the aforementioned belts we purchased from PAI were unusable. We agreed that I would cull out a minor portion of the unusable belts and have him inspect them. He would determine what the appropriate action would be. I paid to have the belts shipped to his home.

Several weeks after no word from PAI on the disposition of my replacement belts, I called to find out what had been determined. I did not talk to the owner of PAI, but the person I spoke with said that the belts were sitting on a desk in the office. I asked about the replacements, and was told those belts were fine and they were sending them back to us.

It was obvious that at no point did anyone inspect these unusable belts, like we were forced to do. Since, we were not even offered replacements and told these belts are good, I was stuck with many belts we could not re-sell. Since they seem to be very proud of their sanding belt manufacturing, we thought it appropriate to show off their work. At this point, I have taken pictures of over 850 belts, and I’m not finished. In the meantime, I will provide the photos of all these terrible looking, unusable belts that we cannot re-sell. Enjoy!