1″ x 30″ Surface Conditioning Belt

➡ Coarse Grain (Brown)
Medium Grain (Maroon)
➡ Very Fine Grain (Blue)


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Very versatile belts to perform detail work such as blending, blending corners, cleaning, contour finishing, deburring, deburring edges, fine finishing, flat finishing, setting the grain, stainless steel finishing, and attaining straightline-brushed finishes on a variety of metals. Produces matte and satin finishes.

  • Coarse-Brown, Medium-Maroon, and Very Fine-Blue
  • 3M Brand
  • Made with low-stretch nylon substrate
  • Coated with A/O grain
  • Made with a bi-directional butt-splice allowing belt to be run in either direction

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Additional information


Coarse-Brown, Medium-Maroon, Very Fine-Blue

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